An urbanist sees the whole city as a canvas, and skyscrapers as protagonists of the cityscape.

The underlying theme of this artistic endeavor is "love for nature "and this protagonist expresses the creator's longing to create a symbol of beauty that views the city as a garden and the protagonist as a tree resplendent in colorful flowers.

  • An Iconic Office cum Hotel Tower designed as a concept tower.
  • Ideal for Signature developments on major expressways for aspirational developers looking to create distinctive impact on the urban landscape.
  • The tapering at the top configuration and symmetrical design make it ideal for earthquake proof designing.
  • Designed with a central core, this highly modular edifice offers great internal flexibility which is key for the commercial success of a high scraper that must also perform as a financially viable product for its investors

To transform this emotion from words to physical form, the architectural design look inspiration from Ikebana. The Japanese art form of flower arrangement, Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living thing where nature and humanity are brought together.

It is steeped in the philosophy of developing a closeness with nature. The flower called Birds of paradise is often used in ikebana as the dominant vertical element in the composition and it looks distinctly regal because of its graceful clean lines, its fiery colors and its pointy proportions almost always soaring skywards.

At Studio Prescient, we have drawn inspiration from the Birds of Paradise to create an Iconic tower that rises skywards marrying the slim sharpness of a sword with the flowing, pointy gracefulness of the Birds of Paradise. We would like to call it Ikebana.