Imperia Aruvia residency is a theme based condominium project coming up in the Jaypee Sports City.

It sits on an 8 acre parcel that has a four acre frontage along The Formula F1 track.

The Architectural brief of the project was to create a signature residential project that combines the feel of a weekend resort with that of a thrilling racy F 1 fronting development.

Four singular towers have been placed along the front face, each tower comprises of four apartments at one level and is designed as an aerodynamic trapezoidal shape such that all the four apartments can view the F1 track in front.


At Studio Prescient, we imagined the project as an amalgamation of the racy character of a Formula 1 track facing complex with that of a weekend resort with large and leisurely water features. The most appropriate visual vocabulary to bring together the two characteristics was that of a yatch or a cruise liner and so we designed the entire condominium habitats using very Nautical Visual Sensibilities with cantilevered decks, white surfaces, flowing curves and aerodynamic silhouettes.

The skyline created by the front four towers with their oblong elliptical crowns is highly distinctive and shall be read from afar because of its unusual geometry

The rear towers are taller and have a grand landscape deck on the top floor that offers an excellent opportunity for outdoorsy cafeterias, lounging and also provide a great view of the F1 tracks in the front. The front towers are spaced by about 30 meters each and therefore allow for a view through them also.


Aruvia promises to be a rare coming together of experiential goodness and visual delight especially due to its almost surrealistic lightness that melts the mass of 27 storied structure and makes it appear like it's ready to zip in to the sky.


The central green of the project is also a vital feature and houses a large leisure pool along with an artificial sand beach where little children can make sand castles and families can laze around the pool on deck chairs and sitting spots under smart tensile umbrellas and green pergolas.

The architectural design has sought inspiration from the first principles of life and their correlation with habitats to arrive at the design for this new paradigm in vertical living in consonance with nature.