Solar Tower

The Solar Tower is the center piece of a large mixed land use commercial project comprising of large format retail, shopping malls, offices and hotels.

All life in the solar system derives its sustenance from the sun's energy and for time immemorial, humans have worshipped the Sun as God. Traditionally communities have lived in harmony with nature, timed their daily routines with sun, created calendars around it essentially revered it.


In the last century however the primary source of energy shifted to electricity and fossil fuels and we got used to climate control, fast means of travel, 24 *7 communications across continents etc. as people we lost our touch with nature and Sun. Lately though Sustainability and living in consonance with nature is back and habitats are increasingly being designed to further this aspiration

Prescience tells us that while every leaf on a tree knows how to harness Suns energy using photosynthesis, as humans we are still using rudimentary tools for harnessing solar energy much like using a chain saw to cut butter.

To further our quest for this aspirational butter knife that allows us to effortlessly harness solar energy, we need to proliferate the use of solar cells in our habitats. So just like a tree is lined with its equivalent of solar cells aka leaves. We have designed the external envelope of solar tower as a solar skin that angles itself to receive maximum sun light.


To minimize the heat island effect, the entire tower sits on top of an 8 stories parking lot that has been ingeniously fashioned as a 25 meters high waterfall that creates a cool mist around the base of the tower canceling the heat island effect and also becomes a delightful visual and sensually soothing feature of the entire commercial district.

The top of the tower has a hexagonal puncture that allows light to pass through it and create a beautiful lite up oval within the shadow of the tower that moves radially along the surrounding plaza making it into modern day sun dial. The solar tower is surrounded by a semi-circle of retail that is configured in a 3 storied structure with a concave sun dialish solar roof. It also has a stepped profile with terraces at all levels offering exciting alfresco dining overlooking the plaza and the solar tower.

Every hour when the hexagon casts its outline on the hour sign, the giant waterfall shall break into a musical performance and live bands shall be heard playing in the solar plaza creating an exciting spectacle that has the capacity to make this commercial district into a destination center and the SOLAR TOWER as its principal protagonist.