Helix Tower

Garden apartments with planters running all along the periphery of the balcony that surrounds the home and a 25 ft. by 40 ft. verandah that protrudes beyond the balcony line allowing fantastic sky views Also this extended verandah staggers helically as we move upwards along the tower creating a bold helical design element that envelopes the tower.

  • Iconic Residential Tower that allows one views of Sunrise and Sunset
  • Wrap around 15 ft. balconies for a 360 view of the surroundings, ideally water fronts and greens
  • Outdoor living for summer and winter, morning noon and evening.
  • Tea verandas, outdoor gyms, friend’s gossip lounge, outdoor Jacuzzis like a ground floor apartment up in the sky

The experiential journey from the entrance security hold area to the ground level foyer is intriguing much like the slow unpeeling of an onion. With the helix theme being captured at all levels including the helical six level cascading pool the pleasant soothing sound of which welcomes you as one approaches the foyer.

The first residential apartment starts at the fifth floor leaving only an atomized lift, stairs n services core at the center. This frees up a lot of volume and enabled us to create an artistic and experientially rich entrance foyer that affords all the luxury services and where the distinction between indoor and outdoor get blurred . The fourth floor also accommodates a feature rich clubhouse that opens out onto the spiraling down pool deck .

The top five floor of the 45 floor tower are also kept for services and recreational activities and shall offer breathtaking views of the surroundings. The architectural design has sought inspiration from the first principles of life and their correlation with habitats to arrive at the design for this new paradigm in vertical living in consonance with nature.




All life must be dynamic with energy flowing smoothly through the live entity and if we look around and observe the geometries of habitats in the universe. We shall find predominance of the spiral pattern in habitats with energies flowing outwards from the center or inwards from the periphery. If we build upon this spiral geometry and extrude it vertically, we get what is called a helical geometry.

At Studio Prescient we have chosen this most naturally appropriate geometry. To create a new model for vertical inhabitation that affords a greater and enhanced connectedness with all the elements: plants, earth, water and air and cosmic forces like the Sun. We have created The Helix - Ascent of Holistic Habitats.